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Where the staff members come to talk about you BWAHAHAHAHA not really.
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Character Creation

This is where you will find the WIP, Accepted, and Character Database boards. Come here to get your characters up and running!
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Place to keep all your characters in. Keep track of threads and other events. Please, one thread per member. Not a thread per character.
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Got a dog you want to give up for adoption? Post them here! Want another character, but don't want to go through the troubles of making one? Look here!
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The City of London

This is a subdivision of houses not far from Big Ben Tower. The houses are all pretty well in shape and seem to be in living condition. Some have pools, others not. Streets are paved and housepets wander the streets they have since puphood.
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Within the city is a building full of wonders. Dust covered wonders, but wonders nonetheless. There are things within that no beast could imagine. There are even a few of our own frozen in time, battling giant furred monsters or pulling humans on pieces of strange wood with ropes. It is not only the history of humans that rests within, but our own history as well.
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In the middle of the city rests a vast forest. In the center is a large pond filled with fish. Paved paths run through the trees and, with the humans gone, a plethora of animals have come to live within. This is a prime hunting area for those that do not wish to venture out of the city.
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Nestled in the nastier bits of town is an abandoned sports building. Wooden ramps of various heights and slick flooring cover the large square warehouse. Posters litter the walls, most of them fluttering in the wind. The place is eerie, but interesting for those with the heart for exploration.
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The tall clock tower in the center of town. There is a door in the back, metal stairs leading up to behind the clock face.
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The official city fairgrounds. This was in full swing when the chemical spill happened. A Ferris Wheel is in the center, a haunted house, dunk-a-clown, and other games. Be careful, many mice and raccoon have made this place home.
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Pack Lands

Hanover is a pack only for the wretched souls of this planet. Those who live for the dark little things in life. These wolves live in the darkness, rarely seen roaming alone. Hanover is not a pack to be messed with. You have been warned, beware.
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This pack is peaceful and honest. They're known for their good deeds and helping those in need.
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Outskirts of Town

Upon the edge of the Emerald Forest lays a man made structure formerly used to clean and treat water. Long abandoned, the building lays wide open, it's doors hanging from the hinges. It's an odd place; one that not many beast venture into. Great stone pits still hold stagnant water as well as the corpses of those unlucky enough to have fallen within.
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A great, thick river stretches from horizon to horizon. Littered across this expanse of water are great, flat stones. These stones are quite suitable for crossing from one side of the river to the next. The water itself is full of large, luscious fish and the banks on either side hold roots and plants aplenty.
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This sun dappled forest is full of wonders. Strange rings of mushrooms litter the leaf spattered ground. Giant trees, older than the humans must have been, reach their great arms towards the sky. At night, the air changes and the wood becomes disorienting. It is said that if you listen quietly, one might hear the whispered voices of their ancestors.
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This forest is thick, the sunlight barely breaking through it. The greenery is bright, when the sun reaches it, they shine in it. The undergrowth is thick, clearings being seen in a few spots. A thick river runs through the center.
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Fun and Games

A great way to meet other members, increase your post count, and have fun at the same time is to partake in a variety of games; All found here!
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Come and talk about anything here! You may find the Sketchpad art board here as well
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